Board Policies: A-B

Board Policies A-B: Board Governance & Operations

The People and Their School District AB
Non-discrimination AC
Discrimination Complaint Procedure ACA
Americans with Disabilities Act ACA-AR
Discrimination Complaint Procedure AC-AR
Educational Philosophy AD
School District Goal AE
School Board Goals BA
School Board Legal Status BB
School Board Power and Duties BBA
Individual Board Memebers Authority and Responsibilites BBAA
School Board Elections BBB
Board Member Qualifications BBBA
Board Member Oath of Office BBBB
Board Member Resigantion BBC
Board Member Removal from Office BBD
Vacancies on the Board BBE
Board Member Ethics BBF
Board Member Conflicts of Interest BBFA
School Board Organization BCB
Student Representative of the Board BCBA
Board-Student Communication BCBAA
School Board Organization/Board Organization Meeting BC-BCA
Board-Superintendent Relationship BCD
Board Committes BCE
Advisory Committes to the Board BCF
School Attorney BCG
Consultants BCH
Special and Emergency Board Meetings BDB
School Board Meetings/Regular Board Meetings BD-BDA
Executive Sessions BDC
Board Meeting Procedures BDD
Notification of Board Meetings BDDA
Board Meeting Agenda BDDB-BDDC
Minutes of Board Meetings BDDG-BDDK
Public Participation in Board Meetings BDDH
Public Participation in Board Meetings BDDH-AR
Public Hearings BDE
School Board Work Sessions BE
Policy Development BF
Adoption and Revision of Policies BFC
Administrative Regulations BFCA
Board Policy Implementation BFD
Administration in the Absence of Policy BFE
Suspension of Policies BFF
Policy Review and Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check BFG-BFGA
Board Staff Communication BG
Board Member Development BHB
Orientation of New Board Members BH-BHA
Board Members Compensation and Expense Reimbursement BHD
Board Member Liability Insurance BHE
School Board Legislative Program BI
School Board Memberships BJ-BJA
Evaulation of School Board Operational Procedures BK
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