Board Policies E: Support Services

Support Services Goals EA/EAA
Safety Program EB
Buildings and Grounds Inspection EBA
Reporting of Hazards EBAA
Warning Systems EBAB
Safety Committee EBAC
Safety Committee EBAC-AR
Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures EBB
First Aid** EBBA
Infection Control -HIV+, AIDS, Hepatitis B EBBAA/GBEBC
Handling and Disposing of Contaminated Fluids EBBA-AR
Regulations Regarding the Application of Pesticides EBB-AR
Injury/Illness Reports EBBB
Emergency Drills EBCB
Hazardous Threats EBCC
Emergency School Closures** EBCD
Emergency Procedures and Disater Plans EBC/EBCA
Management of Building and Grounds EC
Buildings and Grounds Security ECA
Access to Buildings ECAA
Vandalism/Malicious Mischief** ECAB
Vandalism/Malicious Mischief** ECAB
Video Surveillance ECAC
Custodial Services ECC
Traffic and Parking Controls ECD
Buildings and Grounds Records and Reports ECE
Energy Conservation ECF
Material Resources Management ED
Receiving and Warehousing EDA
Maintenance and Control of Materials EDB
Authorized Use of School Equipment and Materials EDC/KGF
Student Transportation Services EEA
School Bus Scheduling and Routing EEAB
School Bus Safety Program EEAC
Bus Driver Examination and Training EEACA
School Bus Maintenanace EEACB
Student Conduct on School Buses EEACC
Discipline Procedures for District-Approved Student Transportation EEACC-AR
Use of District Activity Vehicles for Student Transportation EEACD
Student Transportation in Private Vehicles EEAE
District Vehicles EEBA
Use of Private Vehicles for School Business EEBB
Vehicle Insurance EEBC
Transportation Records and Reports EEBD
Managment of Food Services EF
Local Wellness Program EFA
Local Wellness Program EFA-AR
District Nutrition and Food Services EFAA
Reimbursable School Meals & Milk Programs EFAA-AR
Vending Machines and School Stores EFC
Reproduction of All Copyright Materials EGAAA
Guidelines for the Use of Copyrighted Materials EGAAA-AR
Mail and Delivery Services EGAB
Cellular Telephones EGACA
Cellular Telephones EGACA-AR
Data Management EH
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability EHA
Risk and Insurance Management EI
Insurance Programs EIA
Liability Insurance EIB
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