Board Policies J: Students

Students Policies, Goals and Objectives JA/JAA
Equal Educational Opportunity JB
Harassment of Students JBA
Harassment of Students – Investigation Procedures JBA-AR
Harassment Complaint Form JBA-AR
Witness Disclosure Form JBA-AR
Section 504 Students JBAA
Section 504 Students JBAA-AR
Attendance JE
Compulsory Attendance JEA
Compulsory Attendance Notices & Citations JEA-AR
Early Entrance in the First Grade** JEBA
School Admissions JEC
School Admissions/Early Entrance JEC-AR
Admission of Resident Students JECA
Admission of Part-Time Private School Students JECAA
Admission of Part-Time Private School Students JECAA-AR
Sporadic Enrollment JECAB
Mutual Agreement – Sporadic Enrollment JECAB-AR
Staff/Student/Parent Relations JECAC/GBH
Admission of Non-resident Students JECB
Admission of Non-resident Students JECB-AR
Admission of Exchange Students JECBA
Admission of Foreign Exchange Students JECBA-AR
Homeless Students JECBD
Homeless Students JECBD-AR
Assignment of Students to classes JECD
Transcript Evaluation JECDA
Transcript Evaluation Procedures JECDA-AR
Student Withdrawal From School JECE
Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students JECF
Interdistrict Transfer of Resident Students JECF-AR
Student Absences and Excuses JED
Truancy JEDA
Student Dismissal Precautions JEDB
Student Attendance Accounting JEE
Released Time Students JEF
Release Time for Religious Instruction JEFB
Student Rights and Responsibilities JF/JFA
Student Involvement in Decision-Making JFB
Student Government JFBA
Student Conduct and Discipline JFC
Student Dress and Grooming JFCA
Care of School Property by Students JFCB
Student Conduct on Buses (EEACC) JFCC
Secret Societies JFCE
Secret Societies – Gangs JFCEA
Hazing /Harassment /Intimidation /Bullying /Menacing JFCF/GBNA
Hazing /Harassment /Intimidation /Bullying /Menacing Complaint Procedures JFCF/GBNA-AR
Cyberbullying JFCFA/GBNAA
Use of Tobacco Products, Alcohol, Drugs or Inhalant Delivery Systems** JFCG/JFCH/JFCI
Tobacco Free Environment JFCG/KGC/GBK
Tobacco Use By Students JFCG-AR
Alcohol JFCH
Substance/Drug Abuse JFCI
Use of Drugs and Alcohol JFCH/JFCI-AR
Weapons in the Schools JFCJ/GFCJ/KFCJ
Elimination of Drugs and Alcohol on School Premises JFCK
Threats of Violence** JFCM
Students of Legal Age JFD
Pregnant and Parenting Students JFE
Individualized Plan for Pregnant and/or Parenting Teens JFE-AR
Married Students JFF
Interrogations and Searches** JFG
Student Demonstration and Petitions JFI
Student Discipline JG
Corporal Punishment** JGA
Use of Restraints and Seclusion JGAB
Use of Restraints and Seclustion JGAB-AR
Detention of Students** JGB
Suspension** JGD
Discipline of Disabled Students** JGDA/JGEA
Discipline of Disabled Students** JGDA/JGEA-AR
Expulsion** JGE
Alternative Educational Programs** JGEA/JDGA
Student Welfare JH
Student Insurance Program JHA
Student Health Services and Requiments JHC
Physical Examinations of Students** JHCA
Immunization of Students JHCB
Communicable Diseases JHCC
Procedures for Dealing with Students Having AIDS, HIV, or Hepatitis JHCC-AR
HIV+ Students** JHCCA
HIV+ and Aids B Students** JHCCB
Infection Control-HIV+, AIDS, Hepatitis B JHCCC/EBBAA/GBEBC
HIV+ and AIDS Rumor Control-Staff/Students** JHCCD/GBEBD
Administering Noninjectable Medicines to Students JHCD
Medications JHCD-JHCDA
Medications JHCD-JHCDA-AR
Student Safety JHF
Supervision of Students JHFA
Student Safety Patrol JHFB
Student Bicycle Use JHFC
Student Automobile Use JHFD
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse JHFE
Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse JHFE-AR(1)
Child Abuse Investigations Conducted on School Premises JHFE/KN-AR
Reporting Requirements Regarding Sexual Conduct with Students JHFF
Reporting Requirements for Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students JHFF-GBNAA
Suspected Sexual Conduct Report Procedures and Form JHFF-GBNAA-AR
Student Awards and Scholarships JI
Student Recognition Program JIA
Student Gifts and Solicitations JL
Staff-Student Relations JM
Student Fees, Fines and Charges JN
Education Records** JO/IGBAB
Student Records Management** JO/IGBAB-AR
Directory Information** JOA
Personally Identifiable Information** JOB
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