Board Policies K/L: Community Relations

School-Community Relations Goals and Objectives KA
Public Relations KAA
Parental Rights KAB
Parental Rights KAB-AR
Public Information Program KB
Public Records KBA
Public Records KBA-AR
New Conference and Interviews KBCB
Sports and Special Events News Coverage KBCE
Political Campaigns KBE
Community Involvement in Decision-Making KC
Weapons in the Schools KFCJ/JFCJ/GFCJ
Community Use of School Facilities KG
Community Use of School Facilities KG-AR
Public Sales on School Property KGA
Public Conduct on School Property KGB
Smoking on District Premises by Public KGC/GBK
Priorities for Use of School District Facilities and Grounds KGD
Public Responsibility for Facility Usage KGE
Authorized Use of School Equipment and Materials KGF/EDC
Building//Facility/Equipment/Supplies, etc. Use Request KGF/EDC-AR
Public Gifts to the Schools KH
Public Solicitation KI
Materials Distribution KJA
Visitors to the Schools KK
Public Complaints KL
Public Complaint Procedure KL-AR(1)
Public Complaints about the Curriculum/Instructional/Library Materials KLB
Complaints Regarding Instructional Materials KLB-AR
Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials KLB-AR
Public Complaints About Use of Facilities KLC
Public Complaints About School Personnel KLD
Relations with Community Organizations KM
Community Education KMA
Community Education – AIDS,HIV+,Hepatitis B KO
Relations with Home-Schooling Students LBD/IBDJA
Public Charter Schools LBE
Public Charter Schools LBE-AR
Relations with Colleges and Universities LE
Compliance with Standards LGA
Public Appeals and Complaints about Alleged Violations of Standards LGA-AR
Direct Appeals to the State Superintendent of Public Instructions About Alleged Violation of Standards LGA-AR
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