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455 9th St. SW Bandon, OR 97411
(541) 347-3974

Ocean Crest Elementary School

Address: 1040 Allegheny Ave SW
Bandon, OR 97411

Phone: (541) 347-4416
Fax: (541) 347-1898

Grades: K-4th

School begins at 8:25am and releases at 3:13pm
Office Hours are 8am – 4:00pm

Annual Notice for Oregon’s Statewide Summative Assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics (PDF): English | Spanish | Chinese

Welcome to Ocean Crest Elementary School

In partnership with parents and community, Ocean Crest is dedicated to developing knowledge, skills, and character in a safe, nurturing environment. While maintaining high expectations, we are committed to ensuring these outcomes.

Our code of conduct is based on three key rules: Be safe. Be respectful. Be responsible.


Buses will drop students off at the front of the building. DO NOT pull into the bus lane to drop off your child in the morning. All parents dropping-off students must do so in the parking areas or on the side streets. Use extra caution while in these areas.

Doors open at 8:15 am and remain open until the tardy bell at 8:25 am. The playground will have an adult on duty from 8:00am until the bell rings at 8:15am to let the students inside.

Students will be able to enter through the main doors or the doors closest to the playground. A staff member will greet your child and conduct a “visual screen” for illness, including asking your child how they are feeling. Upon entry to the building, students can use hand sanitizer and head to their classroom. If your child arrives after the tardy bell, they will need to come in through the Main Entry and check in with the office.


District breakfast will be back in the main cafeteria across the street from the middle school. The doors will open at 7:50am. If your child rides a bus to school, the buses will stop at the district cafeteria for your student to get off IF they want to eat breakfast.

If they do not want breakfast, they will remain on the bus and be taken to Ocean Crest. We will have one of our adults in the cafeteria with our students. When breakfast is finished, the students will all get on a bus (with our adult helper) and be transported to Ocean Crest before the 8:25am tardy bell.


Students can bring lunch from home or purchase a hot lunch from school.
Hot lunches are $3.20
Extra milk is $0.60
We encourage all families to fill out the Free and Reduced Meal application during online registration.


If you need to change your child’s end of day plans, please contact the school office before 2:00pm of that day.

Students riding the bus will be dismissed first. They will be escorted out to the buses by an adult. The students that are walking or being picked up by parents will be excused after all grades have loaded the bus.

Parent Pickup dismissal will be handled using our bus lane AFTER buses have left for the day. If you arrive prior to 3:13 pm, please park in our lot.

Teachers will check students off as they report to their parents so please be sure the teacher sees you picking up your child. This will help ensure the safety of our students.

Please pick up the number cards from the front office prior to the first day of school.

All parents picking up students in front of the school, on the side streets, or in the parking areas are reminded to use extra caution while in the area. Any students not picked up in a timely manner will be delivered to the office to call home. If you need to take your child off the bus, please do not ask your students to get off the bus once they have loaded. Report to the office, where we will call for your student to meet you. Please do not park in the back parking area. It is reserved for teachers and those in possession of handicapped placards.


We are excited to be able to have volunteers back in the building this year. Per Oregon Department of Education, all volunteers must show proof of vaccination OR fill out an Exception Form. You can get an exception form from the district office or the school’s office.

Volunteers must also fill out a Criminal History Verification Application and pay a $5 fee. This form can be found at the school’s office.

Teachers will communicate with the families in their classrooms to arrange a schedule for volunteers.

Family Communication

Seesaw is our digital platform and is used as our primary way to communicate with families. If you are a returning family to Seesaw, you will automatically be moved over to your child’s new class. If you are new to Seesaw, you will receive sign-up information from your child’s teacher.

School Messenger is our district’s mass notification system. You can opt-in from your phone by sending “Yes” to 67587.


If you know your child will be absent, please notify the front office. Even if you notify your classroom’s teacher, please call the office as well.

Courtney Wehner

Courtney Wehner
Ocean Crest Principal

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