School Board

Board Members

David Hisel, Position 1
Ryan Sherman, Position 2
Marie Simonds, Position 3, Vice-Chair
A.J. Kimball, Position 4
Angela Cardas, Position 5, Board Chair
Breanna Quattrocchi, Position 6
Greg Looney, Position 7

Per ORS 192.670, all Board Meetings will be conducted as virtual meetings. Public comment will not be taken verbally during the virtual meeting, but will be accepted via email until 12 noon on the day of the board meeting. Please email comments to Please note: comments submitted are subject to Public Records Requests.

David Hisel
Position 1
Ryan Sherman
Position 2
Marie Simonds
Position 3, Vice-Chair
A.J. Kimball
Position 4
Angela Cardas
Position 5, Board Chair
Breanna Quattrocchi
Position 6
Greg Looney
Position 7
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